Why you cant trust man-made government and what it means to you

Recent information came out this week about the death of Princess Diana. Long suspected as a assasination by the Illuminati,(http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/princess-dianas-death-and-memorial-the-occult-meaning/) new revlations have surfaced “offically” that the British miliitary were behind the deaths of Princess Diana and her fiance Dodi Fayed and their driver, all of whom died in the August 31, 1997, crash. If true it is not a surprise. Every since man asked God for a King, man-made government has been completely corrupt, whether democracy, socialism, communism or a monarchy. Letting men have absolute control is a recipe for diaster. Right now in my hometown of Boston as well as other cities nationwide, elections are shaping up and campaigns are in full swing. Many of these elections are happening in inner cities such as Boston, and with it, one of the mosre popular campaign platforms are anti-violence and discrimination. Candidates give speeches about how they have the answers to stopping violence and discrimination, usually back by a popular minister from the communtiy. The preach peace, peace when their is no peace. Instead of repenting for the sins not only of this country, but more specifically in the minority communities and focus on self improvement and empowerment, they continue to deny their own sin and point the finger at the imaginary” white man” to blame for all its social economic ills. God said if we repent of our sins, He would heal our land” He the repentence is to Him, thus we wait on Him, not politics not religion, to bring us the healing we need. However, according to the blueprint of Yahweh, no peace will come to us until He returns with HIs heavenly government, which is perfect and with fault, flaw or corrupion. Until then as punishment for wanting to follow mans ways instead of God, things will be progressively worse and worse, more violent and more crazy. We do not fight against flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in HIgh Place(illuminati) Satan is the ruler of this world, unless we decide now to enter into the riegn of the kingdom of Heaven, which you can now have in your heart and be sure to inherit when God’s reign on earth comes. And its coming soon. How do you enter the Kingdom of Heaven??..By Loving God(follow his rules in the Torah-1st five books of the Bible) and Loving others. You dont have to be perfect but try your hardest and let God’s spirit inside you change your attitude toward people and the things of this world.Time is super short….Obama cant save you, the mayor cant save you, the city council cant save you. And as you see in the case of Princess Diana, the same people who you look to for protection may be the same ones who do you in!!


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