The Rap deception

Everyday on facebook I see another rapper advertising their newest mix tape or their upcoming performance. I see young people I mentor aspiring to become the next big “rapper” in the industry. I even have family who chase after the dream of becoming a world famous music star”. In fact, many of these individuals have enourmous amount of musical talent and ability. But sadly, the dream of becoming a rapper, even for those who do actually succeed in making it, quickly turns into a nightmare. A quick look at the history of rap and Hip-Hop can clearly show us the evil of the industry and how chasing it only leads to death and destruction, physically or literally. Hip Hop started off as an expression of personality, a positive outlet for a community of people who were 15 years removed from the Jim Crow era. Their newfound freedom lead them to use this new art form not only as artistic expression but for political messaging. They talked about the plight of our neighborhoods, which had began to deteriorate due to the government induced “Crack Cocaine” era, as well as racism and Police Brutality. Groups such as Public Enemy, N.W.A and KRS pushed the boundaries and open the door for white America into everyday black living! This art form became so popular that it became very lucrative, and that’s when the game changed. Please read below this article about the creation of “gangsta rap”. still goes on today….The music industry is controlled by the Illuminati, when you sign that contract you have now sold your soul to the devil..Either you comply or your blackballed(Lauryn Hill) or even killed(Tupac Shakur). They will even go as far as taking a blood sacrifice from someone close to you(Kayne West mother)..Read this other article about sexual exploitation and homosexuality that is forced upon those talented young people who wish to become music stars. They prey on poor black kids with talent then use them as slaves(Listen to Kayne Wests new slaves” to promote the least common denominator of blacks: violent,ignorant and dangerous, then broadcast out to the whole rest of the world( DId you know that whites buy %90 of all rap albums? No wonder why racism(ignorance of truth) continues today). These songs  in be our minds with a false self image; one of ebing a thug or a hoe. This is simply the Devil gaining access to our souls thru our ears. We must be careful of what we allow in our ears and unforunately many blackyouth are simply programmed for self destruction thru the music.Young people read and learn the truth!!  Dont waste your talents on a dead end street. If you wanna rap then rap. But rap about stuff that uplifts and enpowers, not tear down and destroys.


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